Tinto de Castelão 2016

Signature Series

Varieties: Castelão 100%

Year: 2016

Identity: Castelão (sin. Periquita) is a local light coloured grape varietal that has fallen out of fashion in this era of big concen- trated reds. Studies show that Castelão originated from this region, where it still remains the 3rd most planted varietal. Although, its current role in the local wines tend to be secondary. The local ancients say that Castelão’s talent lies in its ageing capacity and not on its concentration, “that it needs time”. So, with this quest in mind we have given this “Tinto de Castelão” time. Time to macerate (30 days), time to barrel age (12 months), time to bottle age (12 months) and time to be itself. Itself in its fragile colour, elegant body and persistant tannins. The outcome? A nostalgic smile of tasting something from the past.

Alcohol: 14,5%

Denomination: Vinho Regional Alentejano

Viticulture: All our grapes come from the highest quality vineyards of the Alentejo region, south of Portugal. The agriculture is sustainable, the production is controlled and quality is improved by removing secondary branches and pruning bunches. The vineyards are grown on very poor soil of schist or granite origin, naturally producing very concentrated grapes. The aromatic profile is further enhanced by cultural practices such as defoliation, dawning and weeding of green curls.

Vinification: After sorting and crushing the grapes are conveyed by gravity into small vats and fermented by only indigenous yeast at 27oC. Post fermentation maceration lasts for 30 days.



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