One winemaker, one English Viticulture,a good idea

One winemaker, one English Viticulture, a good idea, that’s what it took to found FitaPreta in 2004 by António Maçanita and David Booth. After working together for a couple of months, the two tried doing their first wine together, which ended up being a huge success in the Alentejo and promptly won the Trophy Alentejo Award by IWC, which was last given 22 years ago.

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Climate and Geography

The Alentejo region has about 21,000ha of vineyards planted on predominantly low vigor gently sloping soils. Located between 38º and 39º latitude north of the equator it provides a desirable mix of winter chilling and summer heat and is an excellent climate for growing wine grapes. Cooler Atlantic air moderates the region, which would otherwise be much colder in the winter and even hotter in the summer.

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