FITAPRETA white and red are the pure expression, of Alentejo grapes and “Terroir” they are food without a chef and wine without winemaker. Pure “Terroir”




Meaning “intuition” is about of what is in the soul of the winemaker and about expressing a balance between the grapes, the”Terroir” and man’s intuition.



Special Reserve

2011 vintage is one of the best Portugal has ever seen. It is at the same time a very special one for us. It is the one with David Booth, a founding partner, our viticulturist, an incredible human being and most of all a great friend. This is the result when all things align, even if it is for such a brief moment. See you soon Gardener!


By: António Maçanita

Signature Series are wines that tackle change, test new directions, that sometimes just mean going back to the past, or helping the recovery of an almost extinct varietals. Here the winemaker has a lot fun.