Grape Varieties & Alentejo Region

With more than 250 indigenous grape varieties, Portugal has world of different news flavors to explore. Find out some of them.



It is in the vineyard that the process of creation begins with a complex interaction of man, vine, soil and climate. The uncompromising standard of quality that distinguishes FITA PRETA starts in the vineyard.



We are as much about diving deep in our culture and varietals, as we are about creating news wines and taking on new challenges. Our winemaking is of minimum intervention, with a very strong scientific base but always letting intution and fune take over when they have to.



Alentejo Region

The Alentejo region has about 21,000ha of vineyards planted on predominantly low vigour gently sloping soils. Located between 38º and 39º latitude north of the equator it provides a desirable mix of winter chilling and summer heat and is an excellent climate for growing winegrapes. Cooler Atlantic air moderates the region, which would otherwise be much colder in the winter and even hotter in the summer.