Fitapreta BrancoRevista de Vinhos16

Amarelo, com tons mais escuros. O nariz é harmonioso, com frescura e notas de citrinos, sem ser exuberante. A boca é mais insinuante, quase gulosa, marcada pelo lado frutado e algumas notas verdes. É um vinho limpo, com um volume interessante, que termina longo e fresco.

Fitapreta BrancoRevista Paixão pelo Vinho16,5
A Touriga Vai NuaRevista Grandes Escolhas16,5

Cor rubi aberto. Aroma intenso e apelativo a revelar fruta silvestre madura, cereja em licor e um toque de violetas. Convincente e bastante atractivo na sua franqueza, genuinamente frutado e muito agradável. Simplicidade com qualidade, muito gastronómico.

Valéria Zeferino


Fitapreta TintoWine Advocate89

While barrel-influenced and full-bodied, this unctuous wine remains crisp in edgy acidity, with lean flavors of lemon and grapefruit amidst a deeper, richer background of oak and caramel.

Virginie Boone

Fitapreta BrancoWine Advocate89
A Touriga Vai NuaRevista Grandes Escolhas17

É um Touriga Nacional sem qualquer madeira, ao contrário do que habitualmente se encontra. A casta mostra-se igual a si própria no nariz, muito floral e com toque mineral, fruta silvestre muito pura. A maciez e frescura, a par da mineralidade e das flores, dão grande elegância a este vinho, tornando-o fino, longo e cheio de carácter.

Mariana Lopes

A Trincadeira Não É Tão PretaPaixão Pelo Vinho16,5
Branco de IndígenasPaixão Pelo Vinho17
O Tinto do Pote de BarroRevista de Vinhos17

O vinho tem origem em vinhas velhas e foi fermentado em talha. Tons arroxeados na cor. Nariz distinto, com notas de ameixa seca, algum couro e um lado floral muito elegante. Na boca, há uma sugestão imediata de amargor, rastilho, taninos areados, acidez bem alta. É um vinho sério, sem gorduras, quase despido. O final tem grande frescura, com notas de fruta e de cardamomo.


Palpite TintoRevista Grandes Escolhas17,5

Um vinho jovem de cor rubi profunda. Os aromas são intensos, vibrantes, e convidativos incluindo geleia de amora, violetas, ervas secas, chocolate, raspas de cítrinos e especiarias doces. Na boca revela-se bastante encorpado, com taninos firmes, porém sofisticados, álcool elevado mas a boa acidez assegura perfeito equilíbrio.

Dirceu Vianna

Tinto de CastelãoPaixão Pelo Vinho16,5


Fitapreta Tinto 2015Wine Advocate90

The 2015 Tinto is a blend of 40% Aragonez, 30% Trincadeira and 30% Alicante Bouschet. About 50% of the wine was aged in used French oak for nine onths, with the rest in stainless steel. It comes in at 14,5% alcohol. This bottling is always a good buy from Fitapreta, but this one had me wondering if it was the best-ever regular Tinto. I rather enjoyed the 2014, its immediate predecessor. That was a super effort in a tough vintage. If you want to see the difference between a more normal year and that, though, here you go. The difference is fruit flavor. While the 2014s tend to be dry and stern, this is bursting with vivid, but very clean fruit. Elegant, perfectly constructed and just a little tightly wound in its youth, this is irresistible.It's a beautiful performance in an easy-to-drink red that can hold up to food. It can fit into that "summer red" category, too, but its structure may make it even a bit better than that. In short, I have to lean up on this right now. It may not turn into anything much more and may not stay at peak for all of its useful life, but it is quite a buy at the moment.

Mark Squires

Fitapreta Tinto 2015Revista Grandes Escolhas16

Um aroma com notas verdes e amargas, fruto de mirtilo e groselha, alguma casca e folha de árvore Na boca a doçura de fruto equilibra as notas vegetais, produzindo um curioso tom agridoce que agrada e convence.

Painel de Prova VGE

Fitapreta Tinto 2014Prémio Uva de Ouro
Melhor da Re
Fitapreta Tinto 2014Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Gold Medal
Fitapreta Tinto 2014International Challenge 2016
Silver Medal
Fitapreta Tinto 2014Wine Advocate89
Fitapreta Tinto 2014Revista de Vinhos16,5

Araagonês, Trincadeira e Alicante Bouschet. Aroma capitoso a fruto maduro, alguma madeira também, perfil quente e atractivo. Prova de boca com muito sabor, quente e guloso, é um vinho redondo mas que preserva algua garrafa no final de boca apimentado.


Fitapreta Tinto 2013Revista Paixão pelo Vinho17
Fitapreta Tinto 2013Wine Enthusiast87

This wine is ripe and smooth, with a bright streak of acidity. It has weight and concentration as well, with a depth of black plum and berry flavors that give a fine balance between the fresh surface and the firmer, solid core of tannins and structure. Drinkable now, although the wine will be even better from 2016.

Roger Voss

Fitapreta Tinto 2012Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Gold Medal
Fitapreta Tinto 2007Wine Enthusiast90

A smooth, rounded wine, with depth of black berry, dark plum and licorice flavors. It is solid, chunky, powerfully ripe, full of pepper, spice as well as sweet acidity. Very enticing and rich.

Roger Voss

Fitapreta Tinto 2007Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Silver Medal
Fitapreta Branco 2015Wine Advocate89
Fitapreta Branco 2015Revista de Vinhos16,5

Antão Vaz, Roupeiro e Arinto. Perfil aromático clássico do Alentejano, com as castas a funcionarem muito bem em harmonia e com complexidade num registo de fruto de caroço e citrino aduro. Muito bem na boca, cremoso e saboroso, uita entrega e final macio.


Fitapreta Branco 2014Revista de Vinhos16,5
Fitapreta Branco 2014Wine Enthusiast85

Young and fruity, this is a smooth, lightly textured wine. It has just enough acidity to give a fresh edge to the ripe quince and Rocha pear flavors. Drink now.

Roger Voss

Fitapreta Branco 2011Wine Enthusiast88

This full-bodied white is rich and creamy. The dominating wood and ripe apricot notes are cut with pineapple-tinged acidity to produce a round yet clean finish.

Roger Voss

Fitapreta Branco 2010Wine Enthusiast87

Crisp, round and spicy, this has dominating flavors of apples and pears. A green plum flavor and pure acidity complement the finish.

Roger Voss

Fitapreta Branco 2008Wine Enthusiast89

Oily-textured wine, flavored with mango and peaches. It's so soft and unctuous that freshness seems to have been left behind. In its place is the ripest fruit giving an open texture and an opulent aftertaste.

Roger Voss

Palpite Tinto 2015Wine Advocate93

The 2015 Grande Reserva Palpite is a blend of 55% Aragonez, 30% Alicante Bouschet and 15% Touriga Nacional, aged for 18 months in 30% new French oak. It comes in at a hefty 15,5% alcohol this year. Suave and rather silky in this fresh vintage, it is filled with flavor but always remains fresh. Precise and focused, it ends with surprisingly lifted fruit on the finish. It is nicely structured too. This might be y favourite in the brand so far, but I'd still like to see some evidence that it holds its balance with that alcohol hit as it ages. I saw no evidence of a problem so far, quite to the contrary. Time will tell, but it certainly looks promising.

Mark Squires

Palpite Tinto 2015Revista Grandes Escolhas17,5

O lote tem Aragonez (55%), Alicante Bouschet (30%) e Touriga Nacional (15%). Combina-se aqui um lado de vegetal verde, casca de árvore e um toque de azeitonas verdes, um registo em que a barrica ajuda ao equilíbrio do conjunto aromático, sem interferir com a fruta. Bela estrutura de boca, taninos finos mas presentes, tem volume sem perder a elegância.

João Paulo Martins

Palpite Tinto 2014Revista Paixão pelo Vinho17
Palpite Tinto 2013Wine Advocate92

This seems simply brilliant on opening. Showing refinement and mid-palate finesse, it adds a serious backbone, a tight, lingering finish and fine intensity of flavor. This is too young just now, unevolved and hard-edged. It needs a couple of years to settle down, at which point the big fruit and the fine structure should come into better balance. It ay yet be entitled to an uptick. I did see some evidence, with air, of it coming around, but don't be too impatient with it. It should age well.

Mark Squires

Palpite Tinto 2013Revista de Vinhos17

Aragonês e Alicante Bouschet, com um pouco de Touriga Nacional e Cabernet Sauvignon. Fruto exuberante no nariz, com fruto uito maduro (ameixa) e notas quentes da madeira. Macio na boca, leve doçura, apelativo e de tanino orno, com entrega. Um tinto com carácter alentejano mas vestido de modernidade.


Palpite Tinto 2012Wine Advocate90

Graceful, elegant, bright, but not always the most dramatic of wines, which is not necessarily a bad thing. If you like some subtler qualities in wine, this does well and covers all the bases. It handles its oak surprisingy well, considering how much it had and how young it is. It drinks beautifully and shows its underlying stuff as it airs out, the fruit becoming more expressive and flavorful while the structure asserts itself and moderate tannins pop up. Its freshness makes it a pleasure to drink, and that will be its best claim to fame.

Mark Squires

Palpite Tinto 2012Wine Enthusiast94

Aragonez is the main force behind this smooth, rich wine. It has great tannins that are cushioned comfortably by the rich, juicy berry fruits. Spice and acidity roll around the mouth, giving a lift to the rich, still firmly tannic wine. Drink this impressive wine from 2018.

Roger Voss

Palpite Tinto 2012Revista Paixão pelo Vinho17,5

Cor: Rubi com reflexos violeta, limpo. Aroma: Apelativo; frutado intenso, a sugerir frutos vermelhos maduros, bagas, toque floral, balsâmico. Sabor: Rico, encorpado, com taninos firmes, acidez em bom plano, ligeiro vegetal, frutado, com madeira bem integrada, promete vida longa, termina persistente.

Palpite Tinto 2011Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Gold Medal
Palpite Tinto 2010Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Gold Medal
Palpite Tinto 2010Wine Enthusiast90

Rich and full bodied, this is a warm, rounded wine. It has superrich black fruits that push right through the tannic shell, adding a juicy character to a wine that will need several years to mature. On the finish, acidity and a dried fruit flavor combine with firm tannins.

Roger Voss

Palpite Tinto 2008Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Grand Gold M
Palpite Tinto 2008Wine Enthusiast93

Concentrated and impressive, this has dark fruit and layers of wood, with a dense texture. Dominated by its opulent black fruits, this full-bodied wine is sustained by its tannins and acids. It should age for many years.

Roger Voss

Palpite Tinto 2007Wine Enthusiast91

Finely perfumed, a wood-aged wine, smooth and creamy. There is an attractive mix of toast with apricot and white peach flavors, full in the mouth. With its herbs and spice edge, this could probably benefit from another year's aging.

Roger Voss

Palpite Tinto 2006Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Silver Medal
Palpite Tinto 2006Wine Enthusiast90

Smooth, wood and black fig flavored wine, rich and velvet in texture. The wine initially seems ready to drink, but then tannins kick in and it is obviously a wine with good aging potential. Certainly the weight, power and ripe fruit are all very evident.

Roger Voss

Palpite Branco 2015Wine Advocate91

The 2015 Reserva Palpite Branco is a blend of Arinto (58%). Verdelho (24%) and Antão Vaz (18%), aged for 12 months in 30% new French oak (with the rest much older, up to ten years). This is one of Fitapreta's more familiar brands. It's pretty gorgeous this year, with controlled flavor, sensual texture and fine focus. Elegant in the mid-palate, it projects sophistication to go with its fruit, and it handles its wood well. It is impeccably balanced and easily drinkable now. It should age pretty well, too. This might be the best-yet Palpite white, but let's see where we are in a few years.

Mark Squires

Palpite Branco 2014Wine Advocate90

This white has a nice, sunny feel to its year, giving it a better blend of oak and freshness than some years have shown. Friendly and easygoing, this is very tasty with a bright finish and a bit of wood. Elegant in the id-palate, it does show soe persistence on the finish as well, more than seems apparent. I'm not sure this will ever be profound, but it tastes great, it is easy to love and easy to drink.

Mark Squires

Palpite Branco 2014Revista Paixão pelo Vinho17,5

Cor: amarelo citrino definido, limpo. Aroma: fantástico; muito intenso em notas de frutos citrinos, toranja, ligeiro abaunilhado. Sabor: envolvente, com bom corpo e volume, com frescura, cativante que lhe confere perfil gastronómico, termina prolongado e cheio de elegância.

Palpite Branco 2014Revista de Vinhos17

Barrica na frente, mas be integrada com notas subtis a fruta branca e tangerina. Muito bem na boca, seca e salgada, ótima acidez e final saboroso. Um branco ambicioso, seco e gastronómico.


Palpite Branco 2013Wine Advocate90

Cor: Amarelo citrino, limpo. Aroma: Exuberante e distinto; muito aromático, pleno de notas de frutos de caroço maduros, geleia, algo complexo e mineral. Sabor: Acidez viva e apelativa, redndo e envolvente, muito bem estruturado, tudo bem conjugado, deixa um final de boca perfeito e promissor.

Palpite Branco 2013Wine Enthusiast91

Wood aged for a year, this wine is now rich and smooth. It has the lightest touch of toast to balance the apple fresh acidity and squeezed lemon juice. The wine has a mineral, taut texture that will allow it to age longer. Drink from late 2016.

Roger Voss

Palpite Branco 2013Revista Paixão pelo Vinho18
Palpite Branco 2009Wine Enthusiast91

Opulent and wood-aged, this feels intense and rounded with a ripe Burgundian feel. The full weight of the peach and apricot fruits are given a powerful push by the toast, spice and vanilla flavors. Age this for 2–3 years.

Roger Voss

Palpite Branco 2009Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Gold Medal
Palpite Branco 2007Wine Enthusiast91

Finely perfumed, a wood-aged wine, smooth and creamy. There is an attractive mix of toast with apricot and white peach flavors, full in the mouth. With its herbs and spice edge, this could probably benefit from another year's aging.

Roger Voss

Preta Cuvée 2014Revista Paixão pelo Vinho18,5
Preta Cuvée 2013Wine Advocate94

Big, concentrated, mouth-coating and powerful, yet somehow with some hints of elegance, this tightly-wound Tinto is a bit hard on the edges right now, but that will resolve if you have a bit of patience. This is the one in Fitapreta's lineup that needs the most cellar time for best results... One thing I have learned about this bottling in the past is that it always gets better with time. This may well be the best one yet... There were 3,600 bottles produced.

Mark Squires

Preta Cuvée 2013Revista Paixão pelo Vinho18
Preta Cuvée 2011Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Gold Medal
Preta Cuvée 2011Wine Advocate92

Emphasizing that beautiful focus that I saw the first time around, this preens in its controlled power. It has a fine backbone that never becomes overwhelming. At that point, the fruit emerges and this begins to show far more complexity. It is coming together well and it should be a strong contender for "best yet" in this brand. There were just 6,500 bottles produced.

Mark Squires

Preta Cuvée 2011Wine Enthusiast92

With its wire caged bottle, the wine appears as though it is Spanish. The flavors, though, are all Portuguese. Dominated by Touriga Nacional's distinctive perfumed and dry tannin character, with the addition of the powerfully juicy Alicante Bouschet, the wine is dark, solid and still coming together. It is concentrated and rich, shot through with acidity. Drink from 2017.

Roger Voss

Preta Cuvée 2011Revista de Vinhos17
Preta Cuvée 2011Revista Paixão pelo Vinho17
Preta Cuvée 2008Wine Advocate92
Preta Cuvée 2008Wine Enthusiast91

Densely tannic, this has notes of licorice and dark chocolate. It has obvious richness and weight that give a sweetness to the damson flavor and acidity. The juicy character of this ageworthy wine powers right through to the finish.

Roger Voss

Preta Cuvée 2008Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Silver Medal
Preta Cuvée 2007Wine Advocate92
Preta Cuvée 2007Wine Enthusiast91

Any doubts that Portugal's Alentejo region can rival many big New World wines would be dispelled by this extravagant wine. With its intense fruit, sweet tannins, figs, coffee and spice flavors, it packs a serious punch of flavor. For drinking now.

Roger Voss

Preta Cuvée 2005International Wine Challenge
Silver Medal
Preta Cuvée 2005Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Gold Medal
Preta Cuvée 2005Wine Advocate92
Preta Cuvée 2004International Wine Challenge
Trophy Alent
A Touriga Vai Nua 2015Wine Advocate90

The 2015 Touriga Vai Nua Signature Series (the name meaning, roughly, Touriga Nacional goes naked) is unoaked Touriga that comes in at 14% alcohol. This is the debut vintage, and I suspect the character of this fresh and elegant vintage suits this bottling well. Gorgeous aromatics start this off. It is fun to just smell. Gloriously fresh and young, it tastes like a barrel sample (although it was bottled, in fact, some four months earlier than tasted). It is simply delicious, too.For all of that intensity of flavor, its freshness lifts it perfectly. It is never sloppy-sweet. Now, all that said, there isn't a lot of concentration and despite its youth, it drinks pretty well now. Will it turn into anything and hold its own, or will it decline rapidly when all of those indicators of youth fade? The winemaker wasn't so sure, nor am I. I still have to give it some props, in fact, bu for my fears of a short and simple life span, I would have rated it higher. If it turns into nothing more than a burst of lightning flashing across the sky, it will be pretty memorable when young. I'll worry about the rest later. This can be drunk a bit cooler than normal. Let's take the aging curve in stages. There were just 3,300 bottles produced.

Mark Squires

Baga a 1/2 Sol 2015Revista de Vinhos17,5

Cor granada. O nariz é delicado e, ao mesmo tempo, insinuante, com notas adocicadas de fruta madura e chocolate de leite. Na boca, continua a presença do chocolate, num tinto de taninos muito finos, pontuado pela frescura de um lado mais vegetal e silvestre, com sugestões de seiva. Tem corpo médio e final vigoroso. Um Baga quase cremoso, definitivamente elegante e apetecível.

Baga ao Sol 2015Wine Advocate92
Baga ao Sol 2013International Challenge 2016
Bronze Medal
Baga ao Sol 2013Wine Advocate91

This has been seen before, but I was interested in checking up on this unusual creature, an Alentejo Baga... This has held well so far, the purity of the fruit still shining. It is focused, vibrant, tightly wound and precise.

Mark Squires

Baga ao Sol 2013Wine Enthusiast90

This is an unexpected wine, unoaked Baga in the Alentejo rather thans its home territory of Bairrada. The result is a wine that certainly hasn't lost its fierce tannin while gaining a rich, full black fruit character. The typical acidity is there, again mitigated by the warmer cliate away from the ocean. It's a surprisingly impressive wine to drink now.

Roger Voss

Baga ao Sol 2013Revista Paixão pelo Vinho16,5
Baga ao Sol 2013Concurso Melhores Vinhos do Alentejo 2015
Medalha de O
Branco de Indígenas 2013Wine Advocate91

A relatively big powerhouse of a white, this is focused and intense, with grip and penetration on the big finish. It is going to be a great food match as its structure will let it sing.

Mark Squires

Branco de Talha 2015Wine Advocate91

The 2015 Branco de Talha is lovely this year, perhaps the best yet from Fitapreta. This amphora-aged white is the same field blend as the regular white, I'm told, roughly 40% Antão Vaz, 40% Roupeiro and 20% Arinto, but that amphora aging changes everything. There's a bit of earth and cement up front you will have to like that nuance

Branco de Talha 2014Revista de Vinhos16,5

Roupeiro e Antão Vaz de vinha velha. Aroma fresc, citrino maduro, giz e algua terra fresca a dar complexidade. Prova de boca ampla, com sabor, leve secura e salinidade que contribui para um perfil gastronómico, e fina suave. Um branco moderno que evoca aromas de outros tempos.


Branco de Talha 2013Wine Advocate90

Tightly wound and rather lively at the moment, it shows nice grip on the finish and that earthy feel typical of the lineup. Youth and freshness aside, this may well be the best puppy in the litter. You will still have to be able to deal with those amphora nuances, which will be for more important in how you assess this wine than anything else. If you like them, it is underrated. If you don't, nothing will change that.

Mark Squires

Branco de Talha 2013Wine Enthusiast91

Fermented in amphora in the traditional Alentejo style, this old-vine wine has a naturally oxidized character. It is a yeasty, ripe wine that is reminiscent of dry Sherry or Jura's Vin Jaune while preserving fine freshness. It is certainly a food wine, ripe and laden with apricot flavors at the end. Drink now.

Roger Voss

Branco de Talha 2011Wine Enthusiast90

This blend of Antão Vaz and Roupeiro has attractive touches of spice and toast accompanying its warm yellow and white fruits. It feels rich and needs at least two years to age.

Roger Voss

Branco de Talha 2010Wine Enthusiast90

Fermented in earthenware amphoras by winemaker Antonion Maçanita, this is a wine that starts both herbal and fruity, showing a medicinal flavor and an attractive oxidative note. With its taut texture, this is both fascinating and delicious.

Roger Voss

Rosé da Fitapreta Cuvée 2 Revista Grandes Escolhas17

Castelão, Trincadeira e Aragonez. Cor blush levemente tijolada. Aroma muito interessante, com notas de fruto e folhas envoltas num fundo vegetal e levemente especiado. Meio corpo em boca, sério e seco, algum tanino e muita presença. Um rosé simultaneamente fresco e persistente, com boa complexidade e sentido gastronómico.

Nuno Oliveira Garcia

Rosé da Fitapreta Cuvée 1 Revista Paixão pelo Vinho17,5
Rosé da Fitapreta Cuvée 1 Revista de Vinhos16,5

Parte sangria e parte bica aberta. Aroma que começa discreto mas com complexidade, fósforo, terra húmida, notas de madeira, e chocolate branco. Muita garra na boca, afirmativo, especiado, e com longo final. Grande rosé! Para a mesa.

Nuno Oliveira Garcia

Tinto de Castelão 2010Revista Paixão pelo Vinho17
Tinto de Castelão 2010Revista de Vinhos16,5
Tinto de Castelão 2010Wine Enthusiast89

More commonly found in coastal Setúbal, here, Castelão yields a fruity, soft and ready-to-drink wine. It has red berry and plum flavors and the lightest hint of tannins to give shape to the juicy core. Drink now.

Roger Voss

Fina Flor Revista Grandes Escolhas17

Lembra um Manzanilla com algum peso. Na bonita oxidação causada por flor aparece um ligeiro aroma de redução ou queijo e muita nota resinosa. Muito interessante sem, contudo, encantar. Na boca algum tanino a dar secura, bom corpo sem excessos. Um vinho sui generis para gostos mais radicais.

João Afonso