Other Projects


Azores Wine Company

The Azores Wine Company was founded on April 3rd, 2014, by the partners António Maçanita, Filipe Rocha and Insula Vinus, Lda. The story of three people profoundly connected to the Azores who crossed paths by the end of the first decade of the 21st century, brought together by a passion to which they dedicate a significant part of their lives: wine and gastronomy. Amongst the several projects they are involved in, we find wine production in Pico, the recovery of an endangered grape variety, as well as the promotion of the Azorean wine and gastronomy. In 2010, António Maçanita began, along with the S. Miguel Agricultural Development Services, the winemaking work of the Terrantez do Pico grape variety. Unique in the world, this nearly extinct caste reveals a surprising freshness, mineral quality and salinity. The small production of this identity and authenticity filled wine, travels to several countries and becomes available to some of the best wine shops and top restaurants. The Azores come in big!



Maçanita Irmãos e Enólogos

Leading this project are the two brothers and enologists Joana and António Maçanita. The creation of Maçanita Vinhos was a dream long desired by the siblings: give life to a wine with its own character and personality, made "Maçanita way”. In 2011, the project of the Maçanita siblings in the Douro region begins. Based on wines of great quality and oenological richness, typical of Douro, the Maçanita project brings an innovative and young methodology to the production of wines with great quality.


Art and Wine

Sexy Wines

Unique wines, blends that combine grape varieties appreciated worldwide with unique local grape varieties, using old and modern techniques, mixing the old with the new to give us something we simply want to drink ... Something SEXY!



Wine ID

WINEID, as a consulting company, is dedicated to the reality of the producer taking into account its objectives, scale and ambition. WINEID was created in 2006 by 3 winemakers, António Maçanita, Cláudia Favinha and Joana Maçanita, being known in the market for its scientific approach to enology, winemaking and vinification. Also known for embracing challenges. The three partners bring with them together more than 4 decades of experience in the area, centered on a common point, which is the quest to reach a quality level that allows showing the potential that each terroir or product has to offer.