The wine tourism offer is now launched for all who want to visit, learn more about the historic building, the Fitapreta brand, the world of the winemaker António Maçanita and, of course, taste the wines from an increasingly extensive portfolio.


Any visitor unbooked can sit at Fitapreta’s bar and have a glass of wine. For those who want to learn more about wines and taste in company, you can choose to take a tasting commented by a member of the Fitapreta team. The number of wines in tasting can vary between 3 and 8 labels, and prices between 20€ and 40€.


For those who intend to go to Fitapreta to know in depth, the appointment of the visit is mandatory. Without it, the possibility of visiting all spaces of the house is not guaranteed; from the red wine cellar - in the new building - to the white and stage rooms - in the palace - to the beautiful chapel.

Kiss & Fly - 20€
For those who want to know the essentials of the Fitapreta winery and wines, the Kiss & Fly visit flies through the history of the brand, the career of winemaker António Maçanita and his partner David Booth, the winemaking processes, the history of the palace and its archaeological value. Upon returning to the bar the customer tastes two labels.

Big Picture - 40€
For those who want to immerse themselves in the Fitapreta DNA, the Big Picture visit is the right choice. In addition to providing more details, this visit includes direct tasting of vats and aging wines. At the end, back at the bar, the customer tastes five wines, accompanied by a special selection of delicacies.

Yes I'm a Wine Geek! - From 60€
With a comprehensive and in-depth tour, a board filled with products from the region, and proof dedicated to a topic of particular customer interest, this is the experience that best reflects the ability of Fitapreta to innovate, improvise and masterfully customize each visit. The tastings may focus on the unique characteristics of Alentejo, António Maçanita's signature wines produced in the Douro and Pico Island, at different harvest years, or even wines that have been disapproved by certifying entities. There are no limits to the themes of this test and all experiences are tailormade and seek to satisfy a specific customer curiosity.


At Fitapreta it is possible to design an event according to a special occasion, a group or a time of year. This is the case, for example, during Harvest season, when visitors can participate in all processes, from night harvesting to winemaking in the cellar - manual selection of grapes at the table of choice, reassembly, treading, barrel washing, analysis laboratory tests, etc. This is a time of year when people from all over the world come together to work at Fitapreta and visitors can join in, not only by taking part in the work but by sharing lunch at the long wooden table where the team meets for the meal. Seasonal activities (such as pruning), cycling, horse riding or ballooning, and even small archaeological expeditions around Paço's valuable heritage can be developed throughout the year. The organization of events is another strength of Fitapreta, where predominates a very accurate spirit of fun. Whether it is a wedding celebration, a birthday celebration, or a corporate meeting, all events are marked by the joy, relaxation and passion of a tireless team in the dedication to detail and always ready for another big party.

Paço do Morgado de Oliveira, Estrada M527 Km10,
Nossa Senhora da Graça do Divor
7000-016 Évora

+38º38’01.08”N 7º57’20.54”O

Monday to Sunday
From 10ª.m. to 7p.m.